Planets in the Legion Mythos


Bucolic planet populated by Amazon warriors.

A legendary planet of highly advanced technology. Homeworld to L.E.G.I.O.N. member Darius.

A civilized planet menaced by raiders (Superboy 202)

Client world of L.E.G.I.O.N.

Pyramid Men of Altair-5

Home of the Pyramid Men, an alien race of conical shape. (Adventure 308)

Altair-5 orbits a bright white star just 16 lightyears from Sol. There are nine planets in this system, but only the fifth supports life. The fifth world has three continents, all bathed in a warm, moist climate. The inhabitants of the world are all tetrahedronal, the structure upon which all life of the world is based. The sentients govern themselves through a democracy.

-Legion of Super-Heroes vol II: The World Book, Mayfair Games, 1987


Uninhabited except for strange life-forms. Site of a vast prison-like building used for psychological and physical testing of would-be astronauts for voyages to the stars, since abandoned. (Adventure 321)


Homeworld of Blockade Boy. 

Fourth planet of the Sentry-Alpha system. Due to close proximity to Dark Circle Alliance, it serves as a fleetbase for United Planets' Armada, as well as a refueling station for merchant vehicles. (Encyclopedia Galactica)

Site of a Law-enforcement Officers' convention. (Adventure 357)


Original home of Mano, since destroyed. Angtu's atmopshere consisted of thick, smoky, noxiu0s gases which were poisonous to all but natives of that world. (Adventure 352)

High noon on Ankar

A dark world with no sun. Ankar is inhabited by creatures with radar eyes, such as the sticky-tongued Giant Ankarian Toad. (Adventure 358)

Ankar orbits a singular primary: the famed Black Sun,. the only one in this part of the Milky Way. It is a nearly-burnt-out star that emits only ultraviolet radiation. The native life of Ankar reached its current stage of evolution before the star stopped emitting visible light, but developed the capacity to see in the darkness as it cooled. The unique nature of this biosphere has attracted scientists from across the UP.

-Legion of Super-Heroes vol II: The World Book, Mayfair Games, 1987

A world living a self-supporting, even bucolic existence until it was attacked by invaders form another dimension. (Legion: Secret Origin 1

Home of Proty, Proty II, and the Proteans. (Adventure 308)

A magical talisman of great power, the Silver Wheel of Nyorlath, landed on Antares II and was worshipped by the inhabitants until it was removed by the Legion, Justice League, and Justice Scoiety. (JLA 147)


A satellite, one of several locations the Legion contacted for help against the Sun-Eater. Anv is more than a week's travel time from Earth. (Adventure 352)


One of the worlds monitored on the Legion's Emergency Board. (Adventure 327)


Legendary planet ruled by Darkseid.

A planet remembered in the legends of the Dark Circle. (LSH Annual 2, 1991/11)


L.E.G.I.O.N. client world on which L.E.G.I.O.N. dealt with a revolution against the corrupt ruling council.

A planet on which Brainiac 5 destroyed a robot assassin. (Adventure 342)

Site of the historic first meeting between the Legion and the Wanderers. (Adventure 375)

A mining asteroid in the Asteroid Archipelago.

A group of asteroids on the edge of the galaxy beyond the borders of the United Planets. Except for the noted research facilities of the Science Asteroid, most of the area is mining territory -- individual mineral-rich asteroids ranging from the size of a house to a burned-out sun. Miners typically nest in them, hollowing them out for their ores, then abandoning them.

An asteroid upon which it always rains (Adventure 315).

A colonized asteroid, home to fierce creatures called Rantaks (Adventure 315).

A popular transfer point beyond the orbit of Mars.

An asteroid which exploded, leaving Timber Wolf missing and supposedly dead. (Superboy 197)

Asteroid YW-89

A destroyed asteroid upon which the Legion once defeated the Legion of Super-Villains. (Adventure 331)

Home of the Gowampi Tragopcerus Lympodiary, a balloon-like plant-beast. When fully, ripe, it explodes into a shower of death-dealing pollen. (Adventure 326)


A feudal world once occupied by Mordru. (Legion of Super-Heroes 276)

A medieval backwater of the Milky Way galaxy, the xenophobic inhabitants have had limited dealings with other worlds. (Legion of Super-Heroes Annual 3)


Legendary world of meditation and enlightenment. (Legion of Super-Heroes 268)


Homeworld of Glorith.

Homeworld of Chaser Bron.

Bartok IV

Planet dotted with swamps and marshes, making the atmosphere high in methane. Gravity 1.3 Cairn standard. (L.E.G.I.O.N. '93 #50)

Client world of L.E.G.I.O.N.

A planet on which a shower of radioactive dust killed all the children. The effect was temporary, fortunately for everyone except the dead kids. Baskh is also home to the Baskhian road-runner. (Adventure 356)


Site of the weird city Gothikter, which is inhabited by monsters who take turns concentrating on a purple globe. Their magnified love vibrations, cast through space by the globe, counteract evil everywhere in the Galaxy. (Superboy 117)


Homeworld of Phantom Girl, exists in a different dimension in the same place as Earth.

On Bgztl, wedding guests hold wands bearing figures of themselves, which are then presented to the newly-married couple as reminders. (Adventure 337)

In Classic Legion continuity, Bgtzl/Bgztl was settled long before the 20th century.

In L.E.G.I.O.N. conitinuity, Bgztl was settled by a band of phantoms in the late 20th century with the assistance of Phase.


Site of galactic prison. (Adventure 352)

Suggestion: Bismari might be an alternate name for Takron-Galtos, perhaps an earlier name of the planet.


Homeworld of Matter-Eater Lad.

Bizarro World

Home of the Bizarro race of imperfect duplicates.


Homeworld of Cosmic Boy and Magnetic Kid.

Brande Asteroid Home

Asteroid home of R.J. Brande, in Mercury's orbit. (Superboy & the LSH 232)


Planet of weird illusory monsters, used as a base by space pirates. (Adventure 305)


Planet whose inhabitants all have the ability to inflate and bounce.

Bunyon's World

A colony world of the United Planets filled with hostile lifeforms. (Legion of Super-Heroes 259)


Homeworld of Garryn Bek.

Giant Ant of Canopus

Home of a race of giant ants. (Adventure 308)


Homeworld of Triplicate Girl.

L.E.G.I.O.N. client world.

Site of one of the largest and richest casinos in the United Planets. (Adventure 374)


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