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Anti-Lead Serum

Devised by Brainiac 5 and presumably based on the experimental Serum XY-4 (Adventure 300), the anti-lead serum protects Daxamites from lead poisoning and allows them to use their powers under a red sun. The raw materials are so scarce that only one dose can be produced every 48 hours. Curiously, Mon-El takes his serum every 8 hours; logically, he should run out after the first dose. This discrepancy remains unexplained.

One of the rare ingredients of the anti-lead serum is kryptonite.

Adventure 305

A spray containing a compound that prevents Durlans from changing shape.

Adventure 321

A machine which concentrates all the power in the universe, of every kind, into one destructive beam.

The Concentrator is so dangerous that only the Legionnaires know the secret. When needed, the Concentrator is built from scratch, then dismantled immediately.

Adventure 321

Part of the Legion Headquarters defense system, a detention sphere can imprison intruders in a flexible-yet-resistant transparent bubble high above the floor.

Detention spheres are not as indestrucible as they would have you believe, especially when legion flight rings are around.

Action 392
Flight Ring

Invented by Brainiac 5 and controlled by will-power, flight reings enable Legionnaires to fly without cumbersome flight belts.

Flight rings also perform communications and security functions.

A special stealth mode allows rings to become invisible when necessary (i.e. when artists forgot to draw them on character's fingers).

Some flight rings can also be used to travel or communicate through time.

Adventure 329
Flying Belt/Anti-Gravity Belt

Used by Legionnaires for flying before the invention of the flight ring.

Anti-gravity belts were preceded by anti-gravity space suits.

Adventure 306
Holographic Dungeons and Dragons game
Legion of Super-Heroes 284
Jet Packs

Used by the Legion for flight before flying belts and flight rings.

Adventure 247

Sometimes the Legion Cruisers depicted in a story are of a nonstandard design. This can probably be considered Chronicler's Error.

Legion Cruiser (retro design)

Cruiser design appearing in Retro Legion and New52 stories.

Legion Cruiser Mark 00

The first space cruiser operated by the Legion, shown in flashback.

DC Super Stars 17
Legion Cruiser Mark I

The Legion's first space cruiser appeared in Action 287. The Legion also used a Mark 01 in Adventure 330, for no apparent reason.

Action 287
Legion Cruiser Mark 02

The Mark 02 Cruiser debuted in Adventure 306.

When the Legion graduated to the Mark 03, the Mark 02 was used by the Legion of Substitute Heroes (Adventure 319).


Adventure 306
Legion Cruiser Mark 03

The venerable Mark 03 Cruiser served the Legion from Adventure 309 to Adventure 349.

Models existed in a variety of colors, including red, orange, green, blue, red/yellow, red/white, and pink/white/blue.

Minor design changes were evident from issue to issue.

Adventure 309
Legion Cruiser Mark 04

The baroque Mark 04 was only used in Adventure 328 and Adventure 329. The three-ship fleet consisted of three colors: red, blue, and green.

The Mark 04's performance must have been disappointing, because after using it for only a short time, the Legion went back to the Mark 03.

Adventure 328
Legion Cruiser Mark 05

The Mark 05 Cruiser had a brief tryout in Adventure 343 (red) and Advenutre 344 (yellow).

Unfortunately, the Mark V proved too crash-prone, and the Legion once again returned to the tried-and-true design of the Mark 03.

Adventure 343
Legion Cruiser Mark 06

Beginning in Adventure 350, the Legion finally found a servicable replacement for its aging fleet of Mark 03s. The Mark 06, obviously based on its predecessor, served the Legion well until Adventure 365.

At least six Mark 06s were seen in service: 3 red, 2 yellow, and 1 blue. Others may have been in action behind the scenes.

Adventure 350
Legion Cruiser Mark 07

The Mark 07 Cruiser, the fastest and most powerful ship in the galaxy, debuted in Adventure 367.

A fleet of at least 4 Mark 07s was a gift to the Legion from the United Planets members.

Adventure 367
Legion Cruiser Mark 08

The Mark 08 cruiser served the Legion from Action 386 through 392, again with minor design changes along the way.

Action 386
Legion Cruiser Mark 09

Cruisers of the Mark 09 design appeared in Superboy 172 - Superboy 183, but this design was no more satisfactory than the Mark 08.

Sueprboy 172
Legion Cruiser Mark 10

With the advent of the Mark 10 cruiser, the Legion finally had a state-of-the-art fleet that was a worthy successor to the Mark 03/Mark 06 design. Fully equipped, spacious, and striking in design, the Mark 10 served the Legion from Superboy 184 thru LSH (v. 2) 285. It was replaced by the Mark 494.

Superboy 184
Legion Cruiser Mark 11

The Mark 11 cruiser replaced the Mark 494 in LSH (v. 2) 303. More compact and more heavily-shielded than the Mark 10 or Mark 494, the Mark 11's modular design facilitates mass production, allowing for easy repair and replacement of damaged vessels. As hard as the Legion is on its cruisers, this is a definite bonus!

Legion of Super-Heroes 303
Legion Cruiser Mark 494

The versatile and speedy Mark 494 debuted in Legion of Super-Heroes 288 (6/1982), replacing the venerable Mark 10.

Best of DC 24
Legion Flag

The Legion flag is made of indestructible material and luminous so it can be seen for hundreds of miles.

Legion members are required to salute the Legion Flag.

Adventure 308


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Legion statuette images and some costume variation images created by Jim Gallagher, based on Curt Swan's sketches.

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