Distant Sun


Distant Sun

Supergirl (tv show)
Marc 27, 2017
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Episode directed by Kevin Smith.

Mon-El's father dies.

President Wonder Woman is revealed to be a Durlan impostor.

As scene opens in the Fortress, the Legion Flight Ring on display fills the screen, then the camera draws back and refocuses on the background. Could this be a signal of more Legion content to come?

It occurs to me that the Legion is a perfect fit for this show: instead of the three founders coming back in time to visit Supergirl, they could draw on the first Supergirl Legion story in the comics and make it Saturn Girl, Triplicate Girl, and Phantom Girl...or really, any female Legionnaires. There are a lot to draw from. They've already mentioned Starhaven, so Dawnstar would be a natural. Can't you just see Ayla and Vi double-dating with Alex and Maggie? Yera helping Supergirl to combat rogue Durlans? Jeckie and Rhea in a showdown of Queens?

Damn, now I want Berlanti to do a Legion series.

It probably won't happen. But it sure would be cool.

Special format: 
Time Period(s): 
21st century
Superman's Time
Legion Equipment: 


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Legion statuette images and some costume variation images created by Jim Gallagher, based on Curt Swan's sketches.

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