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Legion Equipment

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Legion Headquarters design based on the old Super-Hero Clubhouse, appearing in Retro and New52 Legion stories.

Legion Headquarters (SW6)

The renovated Super Hero Clubhouse on New Earth, headquarters of the SW6 Legion.

Legion of Super-Heroes 41
Legion Headquarters (Talus)

Located on Talus, with access to centuries worth of technology from the junk that makes up the planetoid.

Legion of Super-Heroes 14
Legion Headquarters II

The Legion Headquarters complex was paid for by the United Planets as a replacement for the damaged Super Hero Club House. These buildings served as the Legion's headquarters until destroyed in battle with Omega. (Superboy and the LSH 251)

Adventure 367
Legion Headquarters III

A replacement for the Headquarters building destroyed in battle with Omega.

Super-Star Holiday Special 21
Legion Headquarters IV

A new Headquarters constructed from the debris of Legion Headquarters III by Brainiac 5 and Computo in LSH 311.

Legionnaire Cell Bank

Contains cell tissue from Legionnaires, including those who are decesased.

Superboy 206

A machine produces medallions engraved with the image of whatever its photo-eye is focused on.

Adventure 304

Constructed of Lurium metal, mind-helmets scramble thought-waves and block telepathy.

Adventure 303
Miracle Machine

A gift from the Controllers, the Miracle Machine turns thoughts into reality. Because of its danger, it was kept in a block of inertron in Legion Headquarters.

The Miracle Machine was consumed by Matter-Eater Lad in order to defeat Omega. (Superboy and the LSH 251)

Adventure 367

The Mission Monitor Board (sometimes Mission Monitor, sometimes just Monitor) tracks Legionnaires and often allows for remote viewing of their activities.

Portable versions (Porta-Monitors) are available for Legionnaires to use.

Recordings of these missions, plus reports from the Legionnaires involved, are kept in the Legion Archives.

Adventure 301
Phantom Zone Projector

Kryptonian device used for entering and leaving the Phantom Zone.

Superboy 89
Phantom Zone Viewer

Device which allows observation of and communication with the Phantom Zone.

Frequently prone to malfunctions which allow denizens of the Zone to emerge into the real world.

Adventure 293
Planetary Chance Machine

Undoubtedly a reconfiguration of the general Selector Machine, the Planetary Chance Machine consists of a spinning sphere with many "planets" connected. As a planet flies off, the Legionnaire who is struck by it is the one selected.

Selection continues until the desired number of Legionnaires is chosen.

Adventure 319

The Selector uses various mechanical means (figurines, pictures, etc.) to choose one or more people (usually Legionnaires) for a task or tasks. The selector takes on whatever form is necessary for its function.

Adventure 301

Device which allows the Legion to view other worlds and locations.

A new Universe Monitor was given to the Legion by the grateful scientists of the planet Thar. (Adventure 315)

The Legion acquired a big new monitor board in Adventure 327.

Adventure 303
Super Hero Club House

The Legion's first Headquarters.

Adventure 247
Telepathic plug

Telepathy-based earplugs used by the Legion for communication across language barriers.

Superboy 202
Time Bubble

The Legion's primary means of time travel.

Adventure 247
Time Cube

Invented by Rond Vidar, the Time Cube projects its contents through time without actually moving through time itself. A time cube expands to whatever size is necessary. Retrieval can be automatic (at a set time and place or after a set duration), can be triggered by a remote from the destination era, or can be accomplished from the controls of the cube itself. Similarly, objects can be located and transported from their own eras to the cube.

Adventure 349
Time-Scope/Time Viewer

A device which allows the Legion to view other time eras.

Often used for spying on Superboy and Supergirl, probably with voyeuristic intent.

Adventure 267
Time/Space Ship
Adventure 282

Transparent protective gear worn in hostile environments (space, underwater, etc.)

A board that automatically tallies and displays votes by Legionnaires.

Adventure 304


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Legion statuette images and some costume variation images created by Jim Gallagher, based on Curt Swan's sketches.

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