The Impostor Superboy (version 1)

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The Impostor Superboy (version 1)

Legion of Super-Heroes/Bugs Bunny Special
Comic Era: 
LSH Origin Retold?: 

There are two identically-titled versions of this story, done in the style of two different eras of the Classic Legion. This is the longer of the two, done in more modern style.

A fun romp with lots of Legion humor. Of course, it's the debut of yet another alternate Legion: I'm calling this one the Looney Tunes Legion. In addition to being a lot of fun, this gives Legion fans a chance to utter words that they never thought they would: "...the Looney Tunes Validus."

Of course you know this means war....

Time Period(s): 
31st century
21st century
Superboy's Time
Legion Equipment: 


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Legion statuette images and some costume variation images created by Jim Gallagher, based on Curt Swan's sketches.

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