Aliens and alien races in the Legion mythos. Major races (Dominators, Khunds, etc.) are listed as separate groups.

Artists, Entertainers, Journalists, Tour Guides, etc.

The Blasters were a team of ex-prisoners who banded together after escaping the intergalactic prison Starlag.

Eternally-living brains which were removed from the dying bodies of the cosmos' mightiest evil-doers.

Ordinary people who are not part of any other group.

An insurgent grouip bent on conquering Earth and the United Planets.

Interstellar police corps formed by the Controllers in the 20th century.

DC Staffers inexplicably present in Legion adventures.

Incomplete group of criminals, assembled by Evillo and charged with evil energy.

Inimical alien race bent on domination of the universe. Their realm, the Dominion, is a frequent opponent of the United Planets.

Agents and leaders of the Earth government.

Family members of Legionnaires, including family members who later became Legionnaires in their own right.

The five most dangeorus supervillains in the galaxy, brought together as a team by the Legion.

Methane-breathing aliens from a gas giant in the elliptical galaxy O-749. First contact with human race in 2753 AD. Their political position has remained neutral at all times. Frequent mediators of disputes between sentient races due to their disinterest in oxygen/nitrogen biospheres.

Interstellar police force based on Oa and supervised by the Guardians of the Universe.

Assistants, usually unnamed, of a bad guy.

A group of heroes from the planet Lallor. All their powers derived from the same incident.

Heroes who are not included in any other group.

Villains not included in other groups.

Espionage arm of the United Planets.

The Interplanetary Bank (aka Space Bank) is the major bank of the United Planets. The bank specializes in converting the different types of money from different planets.

Annoying characters whose actions do not rise to the level of villainy.

A 20th/21st century group of super-heroes. 

Appearances are only noted when they occur in Legion titles.

No attempt is made to distinguish between alternate versions.

Militaristic alien race bent on conquering the galaxy. The Khund Empire is a frequent opponent of the United Planets.

Police and other law enforcement officers, NOT including Science Police, Legionnaires, or L.E.G.I.O.N. personnel.

A group of super-powered individuals from Dryad. The Legion rescued the population of Dryad when their sun went nova; these six (children at the time) mistakenly believed that the Legion had caused the disaster. They were recruited by The Dark Man as agents to destroy the Legion.

Members of the League of Superteens, an alternate version of the LSH that briefly existed in a fused DC/Milestone universe.

Training institute for super-powered individuals. Some graduates earn Legion membership.

Friends and business associates of the Legion.

A sub-team of the Legion whose expertise in espionage is called upon when needed. Chameleon Boy is the permanent leader of the Squad, while other permanent members include Invisible Kid, Phantom Girl, and Shrinking Violet. Other Legionnaires are drafted from time to time as their abilities are needed.

An organization of rejected Legion applicants who banded together to assist the Legion and do good deeds on their own.

Superhero team in the 30th/31st centuries.

Organization of super-powered pets of Legionnaires.

Organization of supervillains in opposition to the Legion.

A group of super-powered children on the planet Quarantine. Garridan Ranzz was the son of Garth Ranzz and Imra Ardeen Ranzz. Kent Shakespeare, Celeste Rockfish, and Mara Williams were (unofficial) adult assistants to the Li'l Legion.

A team of heroes, operating from Vanishing Point outside of time, who police time and try to prevent or resolve time paradoxes.

Merchants, traders, businessfolk, and other economic players.

Military or paramilitary personnel under any jurisdiction.

Aliens who once infiltrated the Legion in an attempt to conquer Earth.

Pets, not necessarily Super.

Political leaders, officials, and/or agents, excluding Earthgov and United Planets.

An elite squad of the first "exotics and mutates" recruits of L.E.G.I.O.N.

A 21st century group of super-powered young people.

Appearances are only noted when they occur in Legion titles.

No attempt is made to distinguish between alternate versions.

Members of any rebel/resistance group fighting an illegitimate government/occupation/etc.

Short-term boyfriends, girlfriends, and/or thingfriends of Legionnaires.

An alternate-universe band of super-powered teens who, under the care of a tiger named Romostruggle to avoid the authorities in 23rd century Metropolis.

Law enforcement arm of the United Planets.

Scientists and/or medical personnel of all types, good or evil.

20th century group of alien dogs with super-powers.


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Legion statuette images and some costume variation images created by Jim Gallagher, based on Curt Swan's sketches.

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