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Date: 1953
Title Comic Date L-Number Roll Call
Superman's Big Brother Superman #80 1953/00-other (1953-01)
The Two Clark Kents Adventure #191 1953/08-Aug (1953-02)
Lana Lang's Romance on Mars Adventure #195 1953/12-Dec (1953-03)
Date: 1958
Title Comic Date L-Number Roll Call
The Legion of Super-Heroes Adventure #247 1958/04-Apr (1958-01)
The E-L-A-S-T-I-C Lad Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #31 1958/09-Sep (1958-01a)
Fun House of Time Wonder Woman #101 1958/10-Oct (1958-01b)
Date: 1959
Title Comic Date L-Number Roll Call
Prisoner of the Super-Heroes Adventure #267 1959/12-Dec (1959-01)
Date: 1960
Title Comic Date L-Number Roll Call
The Three Super-Heroes Action #267 1960/08-Aug (1960-01)
The Origin and Powers of the Legion of Super-Heroes Superman Annual #4 1960 (1961-07c)
Date: 1961
Title Comic Date L-Number Roll Call
The Army of Living Kryptonite Men Superboy #86 1961/01-Jan (1961-01)
Lana Lang and the Legion of Super-Heroes Adventure #282 1961/03-Mar (1961-02)
Supergirl's Three Super Girl Friends Action #276 1961/05-May (1961-03)
Superboy's Big Brother Superboy #89 1961/06-Jun (1961-04)
War of the Superboys Adventure #287 1961/08-Aug (1961-04a)
Pete Ross' Super-Secret Superboy #90 1961/07-Jul (1961-04b)
Elastic Lad's Wrestling Match Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #54 1961/07-Jul (1961-04c)
The Legion of Super-Villains Superman #147 1961/08-Aug (1961-05)
The Knave From Krypton Adventure #288 1961/09-Sep (1961-05a)
Clark Kent's Super-Father Adventure #289 1961/10-Oct (1961-05b)
The Secret of the 7th Super-Hero Adventure #290 1961/11-Nov (1961-06)
Lana Lang's Superboy ID Detection Kit Superboy #93 1961/11-Nov (1961-07)
The Red Kryptonite Menace Action #283 1961/11-Nov (1961-07a)
The Death of Superman Superman #149 1961/11-Nov (1961-07b)
Date: 1962
Title Comic Date L-Number Roll Call
The Legion of Super-Traitors Adventure #293 1962/02-Feb (1962-01)
The Babe of Steel Action #284 1962/01-Jan (1962-01a)
The World's Greatest Heroine Action #285 1962/02-Feb (1962-01b)
Jury of Super-Enemies Action #286 1962/03-Mar (1962-01c)
Supergirl's Greatest Challenge Action #287 1962/04-Apr (1962-02)
The Robot Master Superman #152 1962/04-Apr (1962-02a)
Man Who Made Supergirl Cry Action #288 1962/05-May (1962-02b)
The Phantom Lois Lane Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #33 1962/05-May (1962-02c)
Superman's Super-Courtship Action #289 1962/06-Jun (1962-03)
Supergirl's Super Boy-Friends Action #290 1962/07-Jul (1962-03a)
The Boy With Ultra-Powers Superboy #98 1962/07-Jul (1962-04)
The Downfall of Superman Superman #155 1962/08-Aug (1962-04a)
Superman's Phantom Pal Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #62 1962/08-Aug (1962-04b)
The Face Behind the Lead Mask Adventure #300 1962/09-Sep (1962-05)
League of Fantastic Supermen Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #63 1962/09-Sep (1962-05a)
The Secret Origin of Bouncing Boy Adventure #301 1962/10-Oct (1962-06)
The Day Pete Ross Became a Robot Superboy #100 1962/10-Oct (1962-06a)
The Last Days of Superman Superman #156 1962/10-Oct (1962-06b)
Sun-Boy's Lost Power Adventure #302 1962/11-Nov (1962-07)
The Kryptonite Killer Action #294 1962/11-Nov (1962-07a)
Superman's Day of Doom Superman #157 1962/11-Nov (1962-07b)
The Fantastic Spy Adventure #303 1962/12-Dec (1962-08)
Color Portrait of the Superman "Family" Superman Annual #6 1962/13-other (1962-08a)
Date: 1963
Title Comic Date L-Number Roll Call
The Stolen Super-Powers Adventure #304 1963/01-Jan (1963-01)
The Secret of the Mystery Legionnaire Adventure #305 1963/02-Feb (1963-02)
The Forbidden Weapons of Krypton Action #297 1963/02-Feb (1963-02a)
The Legion of Substitute Heroes Adventure #306 1963/03-Mar (1963-03)


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Legion statuette images and some costume variation images created by Jim Gallagher, based on Curt Swan's sketches.

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