Legion Statuettes

If any of these statuettes is glowing, please contact the Legion immediately.

Please keep these statues away from windows, as they may attract lightning...with unfortunate consequences.

Blok statuette
Bouncing Boy statuette
Brainiac 5 statuette
Chameleon Boy statuette
Chemical King statuette
Colossal Boy statuette
Cosmic Boy statuette
Dawnstar statuette
Dream Girl statuette
Duo Damsel statuette
Elastic Lad Statuette
Element Lad statuette
Ferro Lad statuette
Invisible Kid (Jacques) statuette
Invisible Kid (Lyle) statuette
Karate Kid (Val) statuette
Light Lass statuette
Lightning Lad statuette
Lightning Lass statuette
Matter-Eater Lad statuette
Mon-El statuette
Phantom Girl statuette
Princess Projectra statuette
Saturn Girl statuette
Sensor Girl statuette
Shadow Lass statuette
Shrinking Violet statuette
Star Boy statuette
Sun Boy statuette
Superboy statuette
Supergirl statuette
Timber Wolf statuette
Triplicate Girl statuette
Tyroc statuette
Ultra Boy statuette
White Witch statuette
Wildfire statuette


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Legion statuette images and some costume variation images created by Jim Gallagher, based on Curt Swan's sketches.

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