New Continuum Timeline

The New Continuum is a parallel universe discovered and settled by the Fey Kindreds in 12,488 HE.

To First Terran Empire Timeline

12488 HE Fey Kindred arrive in New Continuum
12600 HE Period of Expansion
12625 HE Articles of Confederation
12725 HE Duval Hoister composes Hoister Kindred Anthem
12814 HE Hoister A-Tetrad made members of Famuila by Act of Convocation
12936 HE Cairda made official Federation shipyard
13200 HE Hanson gene recognized
13250 HE Cooke gene recognized
13600 HE Luellen gene recognized
13600 HE Period of Consolidation
13750 HE Karson gene recognized
13788 HE Karson Kindred to Gleaison Cluster
13890 HE March gene recognized
13890 HE Bencini gene recognized
14200 HE Sapir gene recognized
14500 HE Dieter gene recognized
14500 HE Period of Stagnation
14921 HE Jonelle Hoister-Tenny constructs Famuila chess set
15000 HE Emerson gene recognized
15421 HE Vaha Dei constructed
16100 HE Period of Intercontinuual Exploitation
16146 HE Intercontinuual travel, the Secondary Spaces
16150 HE Talbot gene recognized
17100 HE Kline gene recognized
17253 HE Luellen Kindred declared Rebel
17600 HE DeLauter gene recognized
17718 HE Telena Hoister saves the world Selenda
17997 HE Aldora Levyne-Hoister born
18133 HE The Panic. Hoister Famuila takes control of government.
18214 HE Hoister Famuila relinquishes control of government.
18214 HE Period of Convocation Ascendancy
18296 HE Dieter Kindred merges with Levyne Kindred
18700 HE Ganhos gene recognized
18890 HE Jerusha Levyne becomes Governor of Talpa-Corlidra
19326 HE Convocation attempts to annex all planets in Satya-loka
19690 HE Stevens gene created
20142 HE Plan Cocheta
20300 HE Period of Dissolution
20541 HE Hoister Famuila returns to Earth Continuum