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PostHeaderIconA Voice in Every Wind

PostHeaderIcon Boxed Sets


The published Scattered Worlds books are now available in two ebook sets in Kindle format.

Beyond Our Stars: a Scattered Worlds omnibus ($8.99) contains Weaving the Web of Days, A Voice in Every Wind, All Roads Lead to Terra, A Rose From Old Terra, and The Leaves of October.

Worlds Afire: a scattered Worlds omnibus ($6.99) contains three novels of the Hoister Family: Dance for the Ivory Madonna, The Eighth Succession, and Children of the Eighth Day.

These ebook sets are the most inexpensive way to get up to date on the Scattered Worlds Mosaic.

PostHeaderIcon Beyond Our Stars

Beyond Our Stars
Don Sakers
a Scattered Worlds omnibus
Science Fiction
Scattered Worlds
Series Order: 
Reading order: 
Five Scattered Worlds books in one ebook.
One-Paragraph Description: 

Contains 5 Scattered Worlds books: WEAVING THE WEB OF DAYS (intergalactic space opera), A VOICE IN EVERY WIND (adventure on an alien world), ALL ROADS LEAD TO TERRA (two tales of attacks on Earth), A ROSE FROM OLD TERRA (Librarians save the Galaxy), and THE LEAVES OF OCTOBER (the Hlutr: immensely old, terribly wise...and utterly alien).

PostHeaderIcon Free Ebooks for Balticon (promotion over)

This promotion is now over, but don't worry...the books are still pretty affordable in Kindle -- all four will set you back less than $9.00. I'm listing the prices next to each one below.

To celebrate publication of The Eighth Succession, Kindle editions of these Scattered Worlds titles are free from May 26 through May 28, 2013.

A Voice in Every Wind ($1.99)

All Roads Lead to Terra ($1.99)

Weaving the Web of Days ($1.99)

Dance for the Ivory Madonna ($2.99)


PostHeaderIcon A Voice in Every Wind

A Voice in Every Wind cover
Don Sakers
Visit a world in which scent and taste are as important as vision and hearing
Science Fiction
Scattered Worlds
Series Order: 
Era (SWM only): 
Reading order: 
Two linked novelettes set on a world in which scent and taste are as important as vision and hearing
One-Paragraph Description: 

Human explorers and settlers learn to live with the Kaanese: a race which communicates by scent and taste, for whom consciousness and sapience are new experiences, and intelligence and culture are in the throes of being born.

Long Description: 


A world where . . .

...creatures communicate by scent and taste as much as sound and sight.

...meaning lives in every rock and stream, and every breeze brings a new voice.

...consciousness and sapience are new experiences, and intelligence and culture are in the throes of being born.

And where . . . Human explorer stands on the threshold of discoveries that could alter the future of humanity.

In a new novel about alien culture that echoes LeGuin, Don Sakers explores a world where scent and taste are as important as vision and hearing in two novelettes connected over a span of 60 years.

-SF Revu


This is either a two part novel or two linked novelettes, depending on how you look at it. The first section introduces us to an alien world where the indigenous lifeforms communicate in unusual ways and where intelligence and self awareness is just beginning to appear. A single human visitor finds himself in the midst of wonders. The second half takes place a couple of generations later, with a well established human colony interacting with the very alien world around them. Sakers has created a fascinating alien ecology, and the first half is much more interesting than the sequel, although both are quite readable."

Chronicle, December 2003, p. 44
written by Don D'Ammassa

"Have you ever experienced a situation when you have tried to explain the way you truly feel to someone else, yet words are just too limited? As much as they nod their head and say that they understand, you know that they cannot relate on the same emotional level to the pain and suffering, or the elation and excitement, that you are experiencing.

What if I told you that there was a place where communication is brought to a higher plane? In Don Sakers' Scattered Worlds universe, there exists a planet known as Kaa. In Sakers' own words, "The natives, every form of life on Kaa, all communicate constantly by sophisticated chemicals in the environment. Enzymes, complex proteins, things that behave like viruses ... it's symbiosis on a scale we can't even begin to imagine." This passage comes from the book aptly titled A Voice in Every Wind.

Similar in style to The Leaves of October (another book in the Scattered Worlds series), Voice is really a set of novelettes spanning two different time periods. In the first, a single human, Treyl, and a Kaa native, Dleef, spend time together learning about each other's cultures. Through Treyl's eyes, this is an amazing world that must be further studied. Dleef, on the other hand, feels pity for the humans. They may have conquered the stars, but they communicate like children.

In the second tale, set 60 years after the first, the human war between the Terran Empire and the Patalanian Union has come to Kaa. As this planet is responsible for a major percentage of the healing drugs used throughout the universe, this is prime real estate.

For the past 60 years, Dr. Treyl and his staff have been working on the "Project" -- discovering the secrets behind Kaa's symbiotic nature. If man felt the pain he inflicts upon others, would that cure his violent nature? Is chemical communication between humans even possible? Will the war destroy any attempt to find out?

At less than 100 pages total, it certainly won't take the reader long to find out. The first part of A Voice in Every Wind was written in 1986, yet it is certainly still an interesting read today.

Sakers' work reminds me, in a way, of early Orson Scott Card books. Their writing styles are definitely different, yet they both have the ability to draw you in to a story through a unique perspective. Both authors will have you thinking not only about future human interactions but also any eventual contact we might have as we spread out from our home planet. If you are not familiar yet with any of the Scattered Worlds series, A Voice in Every Wind is as good a place as any to start."

written by Wil Owen
published 24 January 2004

PostHeaderIcon Balticon Free Ebook Promotion

I've just finished setting up a free e-book promotion on Amazon in conjunction with the launch party at Balticon.

On May 26-28 (the Sunday and Monday of Balticon and the day after), four of Scattered Worlds titles will be free in Kindle format. The titles are All Roads Lead to Terra, Dance for the Ivory Madonna, A Voice in Every Wind, and Weaving the Web of Days.

Now it's time to start on publicity for the promotion. I've already scheduled some tweets to be sent out those days. Now it's a matter of contacting some of the major sites that announce free ebooks and letting them know.

Incidentally, I'm planning a similar promotion for Gay Pride Month: Each weekend in June, I'll be making a different LGBT-themed story or book available for free in Kindle format. More details as the time approaches.

PostHeaderIcon Kaa Station

A large, complex station in Clarke orbit above the major population center of Kaa. Headquarters of the Kaa Cartel, Kaa Station oversees Human interaction with the native Kaanese, both on Kaa and throughout the Empire.

PostHeaderIcon Kaa Cartel

The planet Kaa was discovered in TE 203, and the Kaa Cartel was organized the same year under the Imperial Act of Nonexploitation to protect the interests of the semi-sapient natives. The Cartel, after much wrangling and wheeling/dealing, turned out to be a five-member board composed of representatives of the Throne, the Wakmarrel School, Idara deVigny, the Karphos Corporation, and the Sisters of Mercy.

PostHeaderIcon Kaa

Human world
Planet Type: 

Homeworld of the Kaanese and home to a thriving Human colony.


Bearing from Terra (relative to Core) (degrees):
Distance from Terra: 13.5 kiloparsecs
Map Reference: H5
Other location data:

Year Founded (CE): 
The Transgeled
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