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PostHeaderIconSecond Empire

PostHeaderIcon New Years in the Terran Empire

In the First Terran Empire, each year's end was marked by back-to-back holidays, Yulstice and Year Day.

Yulstice, the final day of the old year, was also known as Santamas and was celebrated by the arrival of Santa, a jolly old elf who brought presents to good children and turned bad children into carbon.

At midnight on Yulestice, synchronized crystalline balls dropped on major Imperial worlds, while everyone toasted the new year with their libation of choice.

Year Day, the first day of the new year, was celebrated by parties 

Both these holidays were intercalary, i.e. they were independent of the pattern of tendays. The preceding day (December 30) always fell on Terraday, a traditional day off. The succeeding day (January 1) always fell on Sunday, also a traditional day off.

The result was a four-day holiday enjoyed by all.

Many societies that came after the Empire preserved the same calendar and the same four-day year-end holiday.

PostHeaderIcon Preface to Imperial History by Zora Hoister

published 21,467 HE by Terra-Prime Publishing Co.

PostHeaderIcon Political and Cultural Roots of the Second Empire

Each of the three main Galactic regions provided important elements to the Second Terran Empire.

Credix supplied the mystical foundations: Lorecanism; the Old Empire cults of Kaal, Brandix, and Meletia; and the all-important legitimacy inherited from the First Empire.

Borshall/New Sardinia provided the head and heart of the Second Empire: the brains, the technology, and the culture that would hold it together.

PostHeaderIcon Kompentia

PostHeaderIcon Aakad da'Estra

A humanoid race prominent in the affairs of the Second Terran Empire.

PostHeaderIcon Glypha al'Enzket

"Sacred Band" of Navii Imperiale, consisting of lovers pleged to fight for one another and for the Emperor.

PostHeaderIcon Navii Imperiale

Military arm of the Second Terran Empire, under the direction of the Emperor through the Supreme Admiral.

PostHeaderIcon Ptyra

Human world
Planet Type: 

Central facility for research and scholarship in the Second Terran Empire. Headquarters of Akademii de Savoire.


Bearing from Terra (relative to Core) (degrees):
Distance from Terra:
Map Reference:
Other location data:

Year Founded (CE): 

PostHeaderIcon Akademii de Savoire

Main research and academic arm of the Second Terran Empire, headquartered on Ptyra.

The decision-making body of Akademii de Savoire is the High Academy.

PostHeaderIcon Kala Phenkae

The Kala Phenkae, headquartered on Obron, was one of the major power groups in the Second Terran Empire.


PostHeaderIcon Circe Mater

The Mother Church of Lorecanism, havings its headquarters and main temple on Credix.

Lorecanism in the Second Terran Empire bears little resemblance to the Credixian movement from which it is descended. The Grand Primate of Circe Mater, the Kollegum Eklestum which elects and advises him, and the Aesir-plus computer which administers the Church's long-range goals: these are the three bodies which speak ex cathedra from the Sacred Bench.

PostHeaderIcon Nulli Secundus

Nulli Secundus was the primary representative of the Created Intelligences in the Second Terran Empire. It was a Ragnarok-series AI constructed on Borshall c. 10,500 CE.

In addition to providing and coordinating AI support for the Second Empire, Nulli Secundus was also a strong voice in the Emperor's cabinet.

PostHeaderIcon Nulli Secundus

Representative of Created Intelligences to the Second Terran Empire
Physical Description: 


c. 20,500 HE



Other Family:


Food, Drink:


Nulli Secundus was the primary representative of the Created Intelligences in the Second Terran Empire. It was a Ragnarok-series AI constructed on Borshall c. 10,500 CE.

In addition to providing and coordinating AI support for the Second Empire, Nulli Secundus was also a strong voice in the Emperor's cabinet.

PostHeaderIcon Komitte k'Revista nov-Tekniitum/Konfederum Empartua (KRT/KE)

Committee to Review New Technologies, under the direction of Circe Mater, Nulli Secundus, and Akademii de Savoire.

PostHeaderIcon Komitte de Okkonemee/Konfederum Empartua (KO/KE)

Economic Committee, under the control of Idara Arciniegas.

PostHeaderIcon Bureau de Ordnung Galacta/Konfederum Empartua (BOG/KE)

Investigative and police arm of the Empire, under the control of Nulli Secundus.

PostHeaderIcon Konfederum Galacta

Ruling body of the Second Empire, composed of representatives of the Idara in congress assembled on Terra-Prime. The Vormen Konfedera, or Forms of Confederation, established Konfederum Galacta and the Empire.

PostHeaderIcon Emperor's Cabinet

The Cabinet is a set of advisors chosen by the Emperor, usually including:

  • The Imperial Consort(s)
  • Nulli Secundus
  • The Supreme Admiral
  • Legate from Circe Mater
  • Representative(s) from Konfederum Galacta, Comitte de Okkonemee, and Akademii de Savoire
  • Ambassadors from the Free Peoples, the Hlutr, and the Aakad da'Estra
  • The Heir Apparent

PostHeaderIcon Emperor of the Second Terran Empire

PostHeaderIcon Second Terran Empire Organization

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