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PostHeaderIconMeat and Machine

PostHeaderIcon Meat and Machine and Chilling Effects

One of my two newest books is Meat and Machine, a collection of queer sf/fantasy short fiction, essays, and erotica.

The book will appear without two of the stories originally planned. In the print version, the pages previously occupied by those stories are blank -- a conceit that isn't effective in ebook format.

I'm reprinting here a short essay from the book explaining the reasons for my decision to withdraw the two stories in question:

These pages once contained two stories. I’ve chosen to withdraw them, but in order to make a point, I’m leaving very obvious evidence of their absence. As anyone who knows me will tell you, I do love to make a point.

PostHeaderIcon Meat and Machine

Meat and Machine
Don Sakers
queer writings
Science Fiction
LGBT Interest
A collection of queer sf, fantasy, nonfiction, and erotica
One-Paragraph Description: 

Don Sakers has been queering science fiction and fantasy for three decades. Meat and Machine collects 24 short pieces of science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, and erotica. 

Long Description: 

Don Sakers has been queering science fiction and fantasy for three decades. Meat and Machine collects 24 short pieces of science fiction, fantasy, nonfiction, and erotica. Meet 

  • Mauzy Broadway, a genderless alien with a career as a female impersonator
  • Bobby (who went to Vietnam), Kevin (who stayed home), and the weird power that brought them together
  • Captain Quasar, superhero with a secret
  • Nicol and Eryn, lesbian couple living on the fringes of a colony world
  • as well as many other gays, lesbians, drag queens, bad boys, and a centaur or two.

PostHeaderIcon Cover Design


Here's my draft of the cover design for my forthcoming collection Meat and Machine, based on Jovi Roberts' magnificent art. If this doesn't make people want to pick up the book, I don't know what will.

The book should be available at Balticon at the end of May.

No, I don't know how to get in touch with the model. sad

PostHeaderIcon Quest for (Old) Porn

At the start of my writing career in the early 1980s, I made money and got practice in my craft by publishing a number of stories in porn magazines of the period.

Now I'm putting together a collection of my queer writings (working title Meat and Machine), and I want to include those stories.

So I went to my files, where I have copies of manuscripts and tear sheets of pre-computer stuff. Except the files for the stories I need aren't there.

PostHeaderIcon Cover Art

I'm putting together a collection of my short queer stories and essays, titled Meat and Machine.

For the cover I was very fortunate to get permission to use this piece by Indonesian artist Jovi Robert:

I think this is going to be a stunning book cover, and I couldn't be happier.

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