The Scattered Worlds Mosaic

Chronological Order

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Dance for the Ivory Madonna - Don Sakers Near-future SF thriller (LGBTQ interest) see more


Weaving the Web of Days - Don Sakers Intergalactic space opara see more


The Eighth Succession - Don Sakers Galactic intrigue and adventure, in the tradition of Theodore Sturgeon & James H. Schmitz (LGBTQ interest) see more


Children of the Eighth Day - Don Sakers Paranormal clone geniuses vs the Galactic Empire (LGBTQ interest) see more


All Roads Lead to Terra - Don Sakers $1.12 Kindle Space opera: Two tales of attacks against Earth see more


A Voice in Every Wind - Don Sakers Two linked novelettes set on a world in which scent and taste are as important as vision and hearing see more


A Rose From Old Terra - Don Sakers A group of far-future librarians travels to a distant part of the galaxy to save civilization. (LGBTQ interest) see more


Galactic Creatures - edited by Elektra Hammond "The Geas Ingenerate" - Why does a demigod come to an ordinary world like Selenda? see more


The Leaves of October - Don Sakers The Hlutr: immensely old, terribly wise...and utterly alien see more


Worlds Afire - Don Sakers $7.12 Kindle Three Scattered Worlds novels in one ebook. see more


Beyond Our Stars - Don Sakers $9.12 Kindle Five Scattered Worlds books in one ebook. see more