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12 Ophiuchi

Primary of Mataora.

Spectral Class K2.


36 Ophiuchi

Primary of Oisin.

The primary and secondary stars...

40 Eridani A/B/C

40 Eridani A - Spectral Class K1, Mass 0.76, Luminosity 0.38

15.9 lightyears from...

41 G. Arae

Primary of Circe.

41 G. Arae or GJ 666 A is a binary...

61 Ursae Majoris

Primary of Pwyll.

61 Ursae Majoris (61 UMa) is an...

61 Virginis

Primary of Nahelennia.

61 Virginis (abbreviated 61...

70 Ophiuchi

Primary of Keret.

70 Ophiuchi a binary star system...

82 G. Eridani

Primary of Chuvalete.

Spectral class: G8



Primary of Metrin.

Spectral Class: G8


Aldebaran A

Spectral Class: K5

Primary of Hilaro.



Primary of Odin.

Spectral Class: G9


Primary of Pevve.

Spectral Type: G3

Alpha Centauri A

Primary of Euphrates.


Alpha Debitti

Primary of Novy Stalingrad.

Spectral Class: G0

Alpha Mensae

Primary of Lu Hsing.

Spectral Class: G5



Spectral Type: A

Primary of Leikeis


Antyar A/B

Binary star 5.1 parsecs from Phuctra


Primary of Midway.

Spectral Class: G2

B Pirum

Primary of Lathyros.


Beta Callena

Primary of Obron.


Beta Comae Berenices

Primary of Tiamat.

Beta Comae Berenices (β...

Beta Hydri

Primary of Hatshehogan.

Beta Hydri (β Hyi,...

Beta Jeanis

Primary of Javal.

Spectral Class: G5

Beta Putki

Red supergiant in the Transgeled, went supernova in TE 343.

Beta Temporis

Primary of Narac.

Spectral Class: G6

Beta Toolesh

Primary of Tarkusk.

Spectral Type: F9


Spectral Class: G

Part of the Patalan Star Cluster;...


Star 4.1 parsecs from Phuctra


Spectral Class G5

Primary of Torbet.


Chezat A/B

Binary star 5.0 parsecs from Phuctra

Chi Draconis

Primary of Nyambo.

The first companion is a yellow-...

Chi Orionis

Primary of Tonapa.

Chi1 Orionis (χ1 Ori, χ1...

Chi Rapere

A star in the Tarantula Nebula, Greater Magellanic Cloud. Chi Rapere is surrounded by the Web...

Chi Tyrannis

Primary of Tyra Kiernath.

Spectral Class: G6


Primary of Kertora.



Spectral Class: G

Part of the Patalan Star Cluster;...


Primary of Messilinia.

Spectral Type: G4

Delta Eridani

Primary of Telyaveli.

Spectral Class: K0V


Delta Gemmis

Primary of Geled.

Delta Illyrius

Primary of Sedante.

Spectral Class: G0


Delta Pavonis

Primary of Itzamma.

It is a subgiant of spectral...


Primary of Maela Gres

Spectral Type: G2


Primary of Zemindar.



Star 7.1 parsecs from Phuctra


Primary of Daarsa.

Spectral Type: G3

E Brevi

Primary of Prakis

Spectral Class A

Mass 2....


Star 5.0 parsecs from Phuctra

Epsilon Eridani

Primary of Flajol.


Epsilon Indi

11.2 lightyears (3.4 parsecs) from Earth

Primary of ...

Epsilon Sabina

Primary of Odegaard.