The Singing Stones

Background on the Singing Stones.

Stone Color(s) Description Size (cm) Location/Fate
Aemallana's Stone Deep red Carbuncle 2cm

Destroyed in Kylvin's Strike.

Brilliance of the Winter Sun Incandescent yellow sunlike 5cm

Geva Elen.

Eilisgriph Stone Clear Quartz 2cm

Given to the Eilisgriph, an extragalactic colony of the Pylistroph. Rediscovered and transported to Nephestal during the Human Second Empire.

Evellan Stone Irridescent light green green pearl 1cm

Given to the Evellan race, current location unknown.

Forriva's Stone Aqua aquamarine 3cm

destroyed in Forriva's Strike.

Gem of Avethell light brown faceted 2cm

Mounted in the Golden Throne and kept on Avethell.

Glitter of Stars Above Starlight Goldstone 1cm

Geva Elen.

Hchevidiire Stone Milky Pearl 1cm

Given to the Hchevidiire race, current location unknown.

Hlutr Stone Olive Peridot 5cm

Given to the Hlutr race, currently held by the Eldest Hlut.

Jewel of the Unsettled Sea Blue Sapphire 4cm

Geva Elen.

Kareffi Stone Brown Smoky quartz 2cm

Given to the Kareffi race, current location unknown.

Light of the Autumn Moons Moonlight Small moon 1cm

Geva Elen.

Migration Multicolored Pyramidal 3cm

Destroyed in the Migration of the Daamin

Most Glorious Song Blue and white Planetlike 10cm

Geva Elen.

Most Pleasing Melody Yellow Amber 2cm

Geva Elen.

Nekiesh (Coruma Stone) Green fire flame 6cm

Given to the Coruma race, current location unknown.

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Resonance of the Stars Green Emerald 5cm

Geva Elen.

Song of Unutterable Joy Pink Morganite 3cm

Geva Elen.

Stone of Blessed Harmony Blood Ruby 6cm

Geva Elen.

Talebba Stone Clear Uncut diamond 10cm

Destroyed with the Talebba Lens.

Transcendant Gleam of Silver Silver silver 4cm

Geva Elen.