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PostHeaderIcon October Leaves

It's autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and the leaves are turning. What better time to read about superintelligent trees and their ten-thousand-year relationship with the Human Race? Not only is The Leaves of October "an underrated SF gem," it's also a perfect introduction to the Scattered Worlds Mosaic.


PostHeaderIcon Banned Books Week

This is Banned Book Week, a celebration of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Here are some ways you can celebrate Banned Book Week:

PostHeaderIcon Baltimore Book Festival

Don will be appearing at the Baltimore Book Festival on Friday, 28 September and Sunday, 30 September. Look for him at the SFWA booth.

PostHeaderIcon November Reference Library Now Available

The November 2012 issue of Analog is out, and my Reference Library column is online here.

This month's essay is on xenopsychology. I also review new books by Gregory Benford & Larry Niven, Anne & Todd McCaffrey, China Miéville, and Edward M. Lerner.

PostHeaderIcon October Reference Library Now Available

The October 2012 issue of Analog is out, and my Reference Library column is online here. After a short essay on the ways science fiction deals with change, I review new books by Paul Melko, Kim Stanley Robinson, Daniel H. Wilson, and Edward M. Lerner, as well as a new edition of classic novels by Andre Norton.

PostHeaderIcon Don at Shore Leave

Don will be at Shore Leave this weekend (August 3-5, 2012).

Here's his schedule:

PostHeaderIcon Short Story Sold

I've just sold a short story (not a Scattered Worlds one) to Alex Shvartsman's upcoming anthology Unidentified Funny Objects.

Stay tuned for information about pubication date, availability, etc.

PostHeaderIcon September Reference Library Now Available

The September issue of Analog is out, and my Reference Library column is online here. After a short essay on genetic engineering in science fiction, I review books by Alan Dean Foster, Scott Westerfeld, T.C. McCarthy, Ted Kosmatka, Steven H. Wilson, and David Elroy Goldweber.

PostHeaderIcon "The Geas Ingenerate"

"The Geas Ingenerate" is a new Scattered Worlds short story by Don Sakers featured in Galactic Creatures edited by Elektra Hammond ISBN: 978-1937051426 | 174 pages | $14.95 print

Opening a new chapter in the Scattered Worlds Mosaic.

They call me Will, but in truth my name is Erwilian; an ancient name that falls strangely on today's ear. It is a traditional family name, borne by many of my ancestors as far back as our records go.


PostHeaderIcon Welcome to the Scattered Worlds

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