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PostHeaderIconFirst Terran Empire

Time Period: 
2153 (TE 0) - 2624 (TE 471)

The First Terran Empire encompassed the Galactic Halo.


TE 0: 15 billion (71 inhabited planets)
TE 100: 280 billion (340 inhabited planets)
TE 200: 1700 billion (2100 inhabited planets)
TE 300: 6000 billlion (7200 inhabited planets)
TE 400: 8600 billion (11,200 inhabited planets)
TE 471: 8500 billion (11,300 inhabited planets)

noun: Imperial
adjective: Imperial
Ethnic Breakdown:


Name: The Terran Empire
Type: Empire
Capital: Terra
Administrative divisions: Eight Provinces, two Special Territories, one unoffical region
Symbols: Six globes, Imperial Arms
Leadership: Imperial Council until TE 187, Emperor TE 187-471
Other: Organization of the Imperial Government


Currency: Imperial Dollar

On average, the Imperial budget had the following balance:

Income Expenses
Prospecting/Resources: 60% DeptCol: 25%
Research: 20% Navy: 25%
Merchant Fleet: 18% DeptTech: 20%
Imperial Centcom: 1% DeptComm: 15%
Starcruisers: 0.5% High Court: 8%
Imperial Traffic Control: 0.5% BuCorps: 4%
  DiploCorps: 2%
  Grand Library: 1%





Calendar: 365 days; 12 months of 3 tendays each plus 5 intercalaries
Holidays: Walpurgis (March/April intercalary), Armstrong Day (June/July intercalary), Empire Day (Sept/Oct intercalary), Yulestice/Year Day (Dec/Jan intercalaries)
Religions: Varied. KBM Cult from TE 164 (official TE 278)
Languages: Anglich
Language analog: English, Latin


Settlement: 2081 - 2462 CE
Independence: 24 Nov 2153 CE



The adjective "First" is a complete anachronism. Contemporarily, it was simply "The Terran Empire" or "The Empire." It wasn't until well into the Interregnum, c. 4000 BCE, that the usage "First Terran Empire" entered the language. The first recorded uses of the term were in the Credixian Imperium.

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