PostHeaderIconWeek of 15 - 21 April 2017

Week of 15 - 21 April 2017


Welcome to my weekly update. This time around I talk about some of trials and tribulations of writing my review column, I recommend some books and other stuff, and of course the obligatory cute hamster picture.

This Week

Major Project: 

This week was primarily about finishing up my September/October review column for Analog. I have more to say about that under Thoughts, below.


Other Project(s): 

Marketing and publicity are big ongoing jobs, and this week was a particularly busy one. The SFWA SF StoryBundle is still available—$5 gets you 6 SF books by SFWA members, and $15 or more gets you all 12, including my own The Leaves of October

There's also plugging the current ebook on sale; space opera serial The Rule of Five; and A Cosmos of Many Mansions, a collection of my first five years of Analog columns.

Plus, I scanned some more books, mad progress on my Legion of Super-Heroes site, and piddled away on Hunt for the Dymalon Cygnet.


Upcoming Appearance(s): 

Obligatory Cute Hamster Picture

Currently Reading


I usually begin a column with an essay of about 800 words on a topic related to science fiction, generally a look at a specific type of sf. Then I review 7-8 books. Often I write the whole thing from beginning to end, but sometimes I write the different bits out of order.

In this particular column, I left the intro essay until last. Partly that was because I was still doing some research on the topic I'd chosen. So there I was, all the reviews done and ready to launch into my intro.

I organized my notes, then started into the intro. It was in interesting topic, and I had some definite opinions I wanted to work in, so I was looking forward to it.

Then something weird happened. Five or six paragraphs in, what I was writing started to seem familiar. With about one-third done, I couldn't shake a nagging suspicion. So I took a break and searched through my old columns.

You're way ahead of me, I'm sure. I had covered the same topic, in just about the same words, less than two years ago. Now, I have no compunctions about revisiting a topic if I have new things to say—but in this case, I didn't.

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day picking a new topic, researching it, and writing my essay. (For the record, this new topic is sequels to classic works, and I think I said some cogent things.)

So, happy ending. For a moment, though, I was convinced that my memory was shot. Not a wonderful feeling.

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Bumper Moyer & the crew at Twilite Zone Comics