PostHeaderIconWeek of 1- 7 April 2017

Week of 1- 7 April 2017


Welcome to my weekly update. This week I took a trip, went to a con, and got some writing done.

This Week

Major Project: 

We started the week in Albany, NY at Albacon, which was a whole lot of fun. It was a small, fairly intimate con just filled with friendly and intelligent people.

On Sunday we drove up to Saranac Lake and the small town of Bloomingdale to visit with family. Monday found us taking a leisurely drive toward home. We stopped in Natural Bridge, NY hoping to see the natural bridge, but it was inaccessible. The story we heard was that the town was founded by Napoleon's brother, who built a house near the bridge and associated caverns—there's a legend that he had a secret entrance from his home right into the caverns, but the house burned down and the secret entrance was never found.

The natural bridge used to be open for tours, but when new owners took over the property, they tried to enlarge the entrance with dynamite—and so destabilized the bridge that it's now a hazard and needs extensive restoration.

Further down the road in Syracuse, we stopped at a couple of comic shops:  Comix Zone and Cloud City Comics & Toys.  Then, by chance, we took an exit in search of food and found ourselves near to Skaneateles, hometown of our friend Betsy. Naturally, we had to visit: we ate at the magnificent Bluewater Grill and had a lovely stroll by one of cleanest lakes in the nation.

We spent the night in the Imperial Motel in Cortland, NY. Next day we stopped at Carriage House Antiques near Binghamton, then got off at Wilkes-Barre to stop in at Toys-R-Us and have a wonderful lunch at Super Kings Buffet, one of our very favorite places to eat.

It was about 7 pm on Tuesday when we arrived home, tired but happy.

Other Project(s): 

Obviously the trip kept me from doing a lot else. I'm back on track scanning books and working on my Legion of Super-Heroes site, and I spent much of today (Thursday) catching up on PR tasks (like this weekly report).


Upcoming Appearance(s): 

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Over 30+ years of traveling, we've developed some rules and guidelines that work pretty well for us. I'm going to present these here in case they're helpful.

  1. If it's possible to drive somewhere rather than flying, it's less aggravation and misery to do so.
  2. No matter how far you have to drive out of your way to avoid going close to New York City, it's quicker and less painful.
  3. Pretty much the same with Chicago.
  4. Unless unavoidable, don't eat at chain restaurants. Exception: if it's a chain we don't have at home, we can eat there once.
  5. Unless unavoidable, don't stay at chain hotels/motels. Exceptions are allowed for availability, price, and places unfit for human habitation.
  6. We've had great success spontaneously following billboards and road signs to interesting destinations.
  7. When the rain gets so heavy that you're having trouble seeing the cars around you, turn on your emergency flashers. It'll help other drivers see you, and maybe inspire them to turn theirs on.
  8. When someone else is driving like an idiot, keep your distance. You're not going to win an argument with an idiot.
  9. NPR stations tend to cluster around the bottom of the FM dial.

Thanks to

Everyone we met on our trip