PostHeaderIconWeek of 4 - 10 March 2017

Week of 4 - 10 March 2017


Welcome to my weekly update. It's been a busy week for PR. Other projects, of course, also continue apace.

This Week

Major Project: 

I've devoted much of this week to getting PR ready for the release of A Cosmos of Many Mansions. First up is the cover. You can see a thumbnail to the right; click on it to see a bigger version.

Once the front cover's done, there's all sorts of supplementary text to write, the stuff that will be on the back cover of the print version. I'm still throwing all that they say, stay tuned.

Since the book is debuting at Albacon, I want to have some promo material to give out. Postcards are the most cost-effective; it's time to design and order those (from VistaPrint, naturally) so they'll be in hand before we leave for Albany.

At the same time, I've scheduled The Leaves of October to be on sale Albacon weekend, so I'll want some postcards for that as well. In addition, I'm almost out of rack cards. These are two-sided cards the size of a standard brochure—mine have the Scattered Worlds books on one side and queer titles on the other. They're incredibly useful in many different circumstances, and I always have them to give out at public appearances.

So...two kinds of postcards and rack cards. VistaPrint is going to like me this month.

Next week I'll start work in earnest on preparing the ebook version of A Cosmos of Many Mansions. With any luck, the book will actually be available a few days before Albacon.

Other Project(s): 

I worked a little bit on Hunt for the Dymalon Cygnet, but I've been neglecting it pretty badly. I'm continuing with what I think of as my standing projects: long-term things like scanning books, working on my Legion of Super-Heroes fan site (more on that in another update), and cranking away at what I hope will eventually be something of a memoir-type thing.

I've also made some progress in planning for Seven-Eighths Below the Line, the projected next book of the Hoister Family. That one will be a few years yet, I think. 


Upcoming Appearance(s): 

Obligatory Cute Hamster Picture

Currently Reading


I recommended Green Acres above, and I can see people shaking their heads already. Hear me out.

Not everyone can appreciate the absurdist genius of Green Acres. You have to understand that the central conceit of the series is that whatever Lisa Douglas says, no matter how absurd, becomes reality in Hooterville.

There's no better example than Episode 2.16, "His Honor." Lisa has prepared a new breakfast for Oliver: "Hots-kebabs," which are hotcakes strung on a skewer like shish kebab. Oliver groans at another of Lisa's crazy notions.

Enter farmhand Eb, who stops in his tracks and, delighted, cries out, "Oh boy, hots-kebabs!"

Well, it turns out that the skewer Lisa used is actually a rod from the tractor's engine—without it, the tractor is going crazy. So Oliver drives to Drucker's store to get another one.

He explains to Sam Drucker that he's looking for a tractor rod, about this long (holding out his hands). Drucker shakes his head and says, "No, we don't have anything like that." Then Drucker's eyes light up and he reaches behind the counter and pulls out the exact rod Oliver needs. "I do have plenty of these hots-kebab skewers, maybe you could use it."

Forget the plots, which are lightweight. Instead, concentrate on the brilliant absurdity and the flawless comic timing of the actors. I think you'll come to a new appreciation of Green Acres.

Thanks to

Naomi Sakers, for too many reasons to count