PostHeaderIconWeek of 18-24 Feb 2017

Week of 18-24 Feb 2017


Welcome to my third weekly update. This week I've been recovering from Farpoint; there's happy news from SFWA; and I'm hard at work on several projects.

This Week

Major Project: 

Getting ready for the ebook of A Cosmos of Many Mansions, my upcoming collection of Analog columns. Look for it in late March.

Other Project(s): 

Melissa and I picked up another supporter for The Rule of Five.

There's also an announcement from SFWA, about which more below.


Upcoming Appearance(s): 

Obligatory Cute Hamster Picture

Currently Reading


The SF SFWA StoryBundle will appear in May in conjunction with the Nebula Conference weekend, and I'm proud to announce that my novel The Leaves of October will appear in the bundle. In addition, I have a story in Alex Shvartsman's collection Unidentified Funny Objects. It's a pleasure and an honor to be part of this distinguished company.

Here's the full lineup:

  1. Beyond the Gates - Catherine Wells
  2. Borrowed Tides - Paul Levinson
  3. Children of Arkadia - Darusha Wehm
  4. Factoring Humanity - Robert Sawyer
  5. The Leaves of October - Don Sakers
  6. Saiensu Fikushon - Taiyyo Fuiji (editor)
  7. Strangers Among Us - Lucas Law (editor)
  8. Tech-Heaven - Linda Nagata
  9. Truckstop Earth - Michael Armstrong
  10. Unidentified Funny Objects - Alex Shvartsman (editor)
  11. War World: The Burning - John F. Carr (editor)
  12. The Weave - Nancy Jane Moore

Further details will be coming as the release date nears.

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