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PostHeaderIconThe Eighth Succession

The Eighth Succession cover
Don Sakers
Clone paranormal geniuses against the galactic empire
Science Fiction
LGBT Interest
Scattered Worlds
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Galactic intrigue and adventure, in the tradition of Theodore Sturgeon & James H. Schmitz (LGBTQ interest)
One-Paragraph Description: 

When Yewanda Hoister (five-year-old clone paranormal genius) heads out into the big, wide galaxy on an unauthorized trip to see her beloved cousin Rikky, what could go wrong?

Long Description: 

In the tradition of Theodore Sturgeon and James H. Schmitz, a new tale of galactic intrigue and adventure.

Rikk Hoister is the first of new breed of cloned, paranormal geniuses, able to defeat the Imperial Navy with his mind alone, bound only by a rigid sense of ethics . . .

His cousin Yewanda is equally powerful, and also able to teleport herself anywhere. She's innocent, inexperienced . . . and just five years old.

When Yewanda sets out on her own to visit Rikk, the galaxy better watch out!

Remember when science fiction used to be filled with galactic intrigue and bigger-than-life heroes? The wonderful Don Sakers certainly does! The Eighth Succession is a rip-roaring yarn, impossible to put down. If John W. Campbell's Astounding Stories had been published in an LGBT-friendly era, this is the cover-story serial you'd have been waiting anxiously for each month. What a ride! 

--Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of Red Planet Blues

The Eighth Succession is an exuberant novel, rich with intrigue, superheroes, super tech, and a galactic empire -- with something, in short, for every SF taste. Enjoy the ride.

-- Edward M. Lerner
   co-author of the Fleet of Worlds series

Don Sakers has written a fast-moving story that has almost everything you might want: galactic empires, political intrigue, comic relief, surprising plot twists, and -- most important -- a cast of characters who make us want to turn the page to learn more about them.  This is that rare story which doesn't overstay its welcome.  It leaves you hungry for more.

--- Daniel M. Kimmel, author of the Hugo-nominated Jar Jar Binks Must Die and Shh! It's a Secret


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