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PostHeaderIconAvethellan Empire

Time Period: 
c. 5.2 million BCE

The Avethellan Empire directly ruled a volume of space reaching to Mel, Nephestal, and the Core. Tributary states extended into most of the Transgeled, the parts of space around Vermis, and the area surrounding Dorasc.

noun: Avethellan
adjective: Avethellan
Ethnic Breakdown:


Name: Avethellan Empire
Type: Theocracy
Capital: Avethell, Messilinia
Administrative divisions: Unknown
Symbols: The windmill, which Avethellan settlers constructed everywhere they went, became the symbol of Avethell. The Golden Throne was another important symbol.
Leadership: Ruled throughout most of its span by the sacred Queen Aemallana (this is conjectured to be a throne-name or title for a succession of individuals, not an individual.)




Religions: Avethell worshipped a mother goddess, who later became identified with Maranna

Languages: Avethellan (and telepathy)
Language analog: Ancient Semitic
Overview: Avethell's matriarchal culture was rich, although somewhat spare. Poetry and music were much valued. Avethellans tended to be long-lived, in excess of several centuries (whether this was their natural lifespan, or their lives were extended by technology.

There is evidence that psi played some part in Avethellan culture. Telepaths were much more common than in Human populations.

The period of Avethellan rule, especially after the conquest of Diebethar, is considered a Golden Age by succeeding cultures.

The Avethellan language has both informal and formal modes.

Avethellan Names:

Usually given in matrynomic form, the word "delv" (formal-mode, "delvar") being analogous to the Arabic "ibn" or the Hebrew "ben." The mother's name is usually given first, unless the father is of higher status. In very formal circumstances, both parents are given, as in the following example:

Quelnarri delvar Mesticcan ak Depithari

The element "ak" is the formal-mode Avethellan for "and."





(dates in Avethellan years; 0 = establishment of civilization on Avethell)

c. 10,000: First colonization of other worlds.

c. 12,000: Empire begins. The Golden Throne is cast.

c. 60,000: Aemallana's champion, Kylvin, leads assault against the Gergathan, conquers Diebethar. Messilinia becomes second Capital. The Seat of Aemallana is established there as a second Throne.

c. 70,000: Aemallana lost. Mooridann takes the Seat of Aemallana, reduces defense fleet. Ten years later, the Gergathan proclaims Malreppidar. Avethellan Empire destroyed.

Dareenten, the Iaranori known as The Last Galactic Rider, rescues the heir and the Golden Throne, takes both to Nephestal.



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