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PostHeaderIconReview Policy

Books for review can be sent to:

Don Sakers
811 Camp Meade Rd
Linthicum, MD 21090

or emailed to donsakers (at)

I can only review science fiction and related nonfiction. If in doubt, feel free to ask me.

Please DO NOT send: Epic Fantasy, Horror, Mysteries, Westerns, most Romances, most Literary fiction, most Thrillers, or video games.

Exceptions: I am willing to look at the following:

  • Literary science fiction
  • Science fiction Thrillers
  • Science fiction Mysteries
  • Futuristic romances with a heavy science fiction component

I will look at:

  • Interesting and relevant websites or other things to read
  • E-books (epub or Kindle format preferred)|
  • Media and video game tie-ins
  • Small press or self-published works
  • Steampunk, Graphic Novels and Manga, Young Adult, and anything else with a heavy science fiction component
  • Reprints and new editions
  • Nonfiction related to sf, cutting-edge science, or otherwise of interest to science fiction readers

I don't guarantee a review. I usually review 4-5 titles per column. I very seldom do bad reviews; my space is too limited to spend on bad books.

Materials submitted for review will not be returned and will seldom be acknowledged. (Badgering me is a good way to ensure that I won't review your book.)

My lead time is 4-6 months. The sooner you can get me a book, the better. I can and do review books after publication, but please don't send me anything older than the current calendar year.

With each submission, please include (if available) author, title, publisher, page count, price, format, publication date, ISBN, and whatever promo material you have. If the book is not available through standard channels (i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc) please include ordering information.

Remember: When in doubt, ask first!


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