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PostHeaderIconThe Pylistroph

Time Period: 
c. 2.4 billion - 1.2 billion BCE

Located in the Galactic Core

Population: unknown; conjectured to be approximately 50 - 100 populated worlds
Ethnic Breakdown: The Seven Races


Name: The Pylistroph
Type: Many varied types
Capital: No official capital. Verkorra and Paka Tel often served as symbolic gathering places.
Administrative divisions: unknown
Leadership: The Council of the Wise, composed of a few beings from each of the Seven Races


Currency: unknown


Calendar: unknown
Holidays: unknown
Religions: Worship of the Elder Gods developed during the Pylistroph
Languages: Coruman was the lingua franca of the Pylistroph
Language analog: Babylonian
Overview: Little is known of this culture, as most records were lost during the Schism and the Flight of the Daamin.

It is known that the Pylistroph did not have tachyon conversion, nor the antigrav. Pylistroph ships were mainly light-sail vessels.

Seed Vessels: The Pylistroph sent light-sail ships out into the Galactic Halo, apparently to seed suitable worlds with Pylistroph-based life. It is conjectured that a Pylistroph vessel passed by Terra about 8-900 million years ago; it has been further conjectured that almost all life on planets in the Halo is descended from Pylistroph Seed Vessels.




The Daamin, Hchevidiire, and Evallan joined each other in a mutual trade/exploration society. They discovered the Kareffi, Talebba, and Hlutr, and settled altogether about twenty worlds.
Meanwhile, the Coruma had gained atomic power and ramship-drive, and settled about six colony worlds. While these worlds were fighting bitter colonial wars, Daamin and Hchevidiire landing parties set down on two Coruma worlds.
A Coruman named Dettalean Gankeh created the most awesome war-machine ever built, a vast amalgamation of advanced computer circuits and living minds, controlling the whole military force of the Coruman race. This war machine, created with the aid of Den and the blessing of Ka, became the Gergathan. Soon, it absorbed the personality of Dettalean Gankeh, and then it started its long war against life itself.

The Seven Races held conclave and made peace in the threat of the Gergathan. Many Corumans, fearing their own creation, joined the alliance and on -- Dirunde Forriva -- became the main agent of the Seven Races.


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