Empire of the Miethara Timeline

Year Event
1 Kil Valley culture, under the Miethara, begins expansion.
200 All of Kil Valley brought to peace.
500 Miethara control their continent.
1000 Period of cultural stagnation begins.
1500 Iron-Age culture in Legan.
1780 Period of inconclusive, evenly-matched wars.
2100 The Miethara develop the ironclad warship.
2300 Faeltiphenla develops ironclads and a new plateau is reached.
2400 All other independent states and kingdoms are now allied with either the Miethara or the Faeltiphenla
3000 Gunpowder discovered
3287 Personnel exchange between universities on both sides
3403 The Miethara and Faeltiphenla merge in Kil Valley
4700 Industrial Revolution
4850 Empire of the Miethara emerges
4900 Space travel begins
4932 Interstellar travel and colonization begin
5107 Avethell is found
5342 Barentikater IV colonized.
5700 Empire of the Miethara reaches its practical physical limits
6000 First in a series of interstellar wars rocks the Empire of the Miethara
6200 Establishment of a new strong Miethara government
7500 Brutal wars smash the peace of the Empire.
12000 Peace comes to the Empire
12400 The Empire of the Miethara is at peace and unity once again
18000 Cycle of wars begins anew
20000 250 governments and 12 subspecies.
22000 1,500 governments and over 50 mutually incompatible subspecies
22304 Avethell intervenes
26823 Star Barentikater shows signs of developing into a nova
27000 Contact with the Sebhra
27700 Qreen conquer and virtually exterminate Sebhra
28218 Barentikater IV withdraws from Empire
28520 The Deathsong of Filtan
28521 Nova Barentikater
30000 Miethara on Qree sets all Sebhra free
31000 Conditions far worse than 22,000 now obtain throughout the Empire of the Miethara
31400 Golden Throne returned to Avethell
31432 Qree falls to invading forces
32000 Effective End of the Empire of the Miethara
35000 Qreen racial maturity begins
39000 Qreen reach true mature civilization
40000 All surviving Qreen are safe on Qree or serving with the Galactic Riders or the Free Peoples