Interregnum Timeline

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Year (CE) Event
2621 C.E. Odonia peacefully secedes from Empire
2622 C.E. Elendan peacefully secedes from Empire
2624 C.E. Various Imperial splinter states declare independence
2624 C.E. Patalanian Union suffers defeats
2624 C.E. Fall of the First Terran Empire
2631 C.E. Credixian Imperium proclaimed by Philip d'Herelle
2631 C.E. Teleskan Adelhardts establish Domain of Terexta; wars against Patala and Borshall/New Sardinia
2633 C.E. Deleteian Monarchy founded by Daron Kiadas
2633 C.E. The Galaxy in 2633 CE
2635 C.E. Ex-Emperor Kidlat Kuchta dies
2635 C.E. Triple Confederacy founded
2667 C.E. Galaxy wide economic trough
2730 C.E. Disruption of the Patalanian Union
2750 C.E. Independent Traders begin to grow in importance (date approximate)
2757 C.E. Grand Library effectively off the air
2800 C.E. Tr#skan Trade Union founded (date approximate)
2850 C.E. Wakmarrel conquered; Wakmarrel School disbanded
3000 C.E. Jotun Series AIs introduced
3000 C.E. First great empire on Metrin dissolves, but culture remains.
3041 C.E. Gotlanian War (3041 - 3043 CE)
3043 C.E. Council of Dunsinane
3187 C.E. Klaavin settle on Javal
3227 C.E. Kalisch Dynasty, Credixian Imperium
3319 C.E. Domain of Mazelt dissolves
3495 C.E. Provostry of Phuctra dissolves
3524 C.E. Klaavin of Javal sign treaty with Tr#skan Trade Union
3700 C.E. Tr#skan Trade Base established on Javal
3805 C.E. LaVerne and Saava Dynasties, Credixian Imperium
3985 C.E. Koerner Dynasty, Credixian Imperium
4000 C.E. -----The Galaxy in 4000 CE
4000 C.E. Industrial revolution on Metrin
4000 C.E. Tr#skan Trade Union makes contact with Adjutory of Elendan
4020 C.E. The Death
4212 C.E. Domain of Kertora dissolves
4342 C.E. Jaret Dynasty, Credixian Imperium
4493 C.E. Escen occupation of Dovan begins. The Escen Hegemony.
4500 C.E. Lichtalf Series AIs introduced
4500 C.E. Electronics revolution on Metrin: laser, computers, etc.
4518 C.E. Aetor proclaims Aetorian League
4518 C.E. Space Age begins on Metrin
4532 C.E. Tethys becomes important in Galactic politics
4600 C.E. Space industrialization in Metrin system. First interstellar probes.
4601 C.E. Aetorian Pact signed between Aetor, Tethys, Zinnberg, and Bosip
4634 C.E. Council of Dusaan
4635 C.E. Destruction of BDA Tr#ska
4635 C.E. 20 thousand Tr#skan refugees move to Javal
4650 C.E. Deletia defeated by her former allies; Post-Deletian Empire established under Vermis/Vetret overlordship
4723 C.E. Ultrawave Relay Delta fails
4736 C.E. Tachyon drive discovered by Metrinaire
4750 C.E. Metrinaire Colonial Period begins
4752 C.E. First contact between Metrinaire and Humans
4864 C.E. Klaavin of Javal invade Traskas Isle and enslave Tr#skan inhabitants
4951 C.E. Knights Economic free Tr#skan slaves on Javal
4968 C.E. Sedante secedes from Domain of Terexta, forms Sedanten League
4990 C.E. LaVerne Dynasty, Credixian Imperium
5000 C.E. Muspel Series AIs introduced
5000 C.E. -----The Galaxy in 5000 CE
5138 C.E. Domain of Frit dissolves
5210 C.E. Natalese Confederation forms
5372 C.E. Geled-Natal War begins
5378 C.E. Ultrawave Relay Beta destroyed
5408 C.E. Council of Escen
5440 C.E. Effective end of the Free Territory of Cisnatal
5556 C.E. Elendan Dynasty, Credixian Imperium
5627 C.E. Baresh Dynasty, Credixian Imperium
5700 C.E. ----THE FALSE QUICKENING (5700 - 6000 CE)
5700 C.E. Norn Series AIs introduced
5721 C.E. Metrinal Union formed
5739 C.E. Ultrawave Relay Zeta fails
5830 C.E. Re-emergence of Lathyros
5893 C.E. Vetret begins period of expansion
5918 C.E. Phuctran Union founded
5973 C.E. Sardinian League established
6000 C.E. -----The Galaxy in 6000 CE
6234 C.E. Post-Deletian Empire falls
6484 C.E. Ultrawave Relay Alpha fails
6500 C.E. Effective end of the Phuctran Union
6500 C.E. -----DARK AGES
6604 C.E. Ultrawave Relay Gamma fails
6697 C.E. Aetor-Lathyros War begins
6712 C.E. Aetor-Lathyros War ends
6762 C.E. Metrinal Union annexes Terexta
6775 C.E. Felder Dynasty, Credixian Imperium
6879 C.E. Domain of Lathyros dissolves
6900 C.E. Human civilization at its lowest point
7000 C.E. -----The Galaxy in 7000 CE
7426 C.E. Purchik Dynasty, Credixian Imperium
7500 C.E. -----The Galaxy in 7500 CE
7540 C.E. Josef Inngebauer becomes Credixian Imperator
7540 C.E. Inngebauer Dynasty, Credixian Imperium
7540 C.E. Union of Vetret merged with Credixian Imperium
7551 C.E. Beigel Dynasty, Credixian Imperium
7600 C.E. Aesir Series AIs introduced
7650 C.E. Teleskany-Credix Cultural Exchange
7700 C.E. Cultural Exchange Increases
7718 C.E. Escen-Geled Treaty signed
7800 C.E. Credixian Imperium becomes leader in Galactic peacekeeping