First Terran Empire Detailed Timeline

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Year (TE) Event
Halettia colonized
First Terran Empire Founded
-----Formation Wars (TE 0 - 120)
TE 3 Wakmarrel settled
TE 6 Economic trough
TE 8 Vesketa colonized
TE 9 Circe colonized
TE 10 Imperial Navy headquarters established on Luna
TE 12 Battle of Epsilon Indi; Metikos annexed
TE 17 Khado colonized
TE 19 Odin colonized
TE 26 Total colonized planets: 133
TE 30 Lysa Tenny born
TE 31 Hlekkar colonized
TE 32 Djuli colonized
TE 33 Ermina colonized
TE 37 Provincial Capitals established
TE 40 Karphos founded
TE 46 Lerna colonized
TE 46 Bikepha colonized
TE 48 Tep Kecor colonized
TE 49 Oin colonized
TE 50 Zinnberg colonized
TE 52 Total colonized planets: 194
TE 53 Olympias colonized
TE 53 Economic trough
TE 59 Keret colonized
TE 62 Odegaard joins the Empire
TE 64 Wakmarrel joins the Empire
TE 66 Nyambo colonized
TE 70 Ultrawave Relays activated
TE 72 Feng Po colonized
TE 78 Total colonized planets: 276
TE 78 Nareau colonized
TE 79 Novy Stalingrad colony destroyed
TE 86 Marcreni colonized
TE 87 Apocatequil colonized
TE 92 Terraforming of Luna begins
TE 92 Imperial Navy headquarters moved to Hafen
TE 94 Javal colonized
TE 96 Telyaveli colonized
TE 100 K2 defense screen discovered
TE 101 Tros colonized
TE 104 Total colonized planets: 359
TE 105 Kastechia discovered
TE 108 Economic trough
TE 172 Economic trough
TE 110 Pwyll colonized
TE 118 Gotlan colonized
TE 118 Kien Khwei First contact
TE 120 Tyra Kiernath discovered
TE 120 First Terran Empire effectively controls all Human-settled planets of the Galaxy
TE 123 Act of Non-Exploitation passed
TE 123 New Pavonis colonized
TE 123 Maj Thovold born
TE 126 T Keimai settled
TE 130 Total colonized planets: 497
TE 136 Nahelennia colonized
TE 140 Maj Thovold passes adulthood tests
TE 141 Chuvalete colonized
TE 144 Cupara colonized
TE 145 Maj Thovold graduates from Naval Academy
TE 150 Valkyrie Series AIs introduced
TE 150 Terraforming of Luna completed
TE 151 Gualicho colonized
TE 152 Maj Thovold assigned to Tep Kecor squadron
TE 153 Lu Hsing colonized
TE 156 Total colonized planets: 635
TE 166 Maj Thovold graduates from command & general staff school
TE 158 Maj Thovold graduates from War College
TE 168 Brynhilde activated
TE 163 Maj Thovold named aide to Terran Fleet Admiral Donatela Padgham
TE 163 Gaheris colonized
TE 167 Tsung-Dao Wu born
TE 168 Cambolinee Destroyed
TE 168 Oisin colonized
TE 171 Maj Thovold appointed Head of Operations Division, Imperial Navy
TE 172 Terran Fleet Admiral Donatela Padghm retires
TE 172 Maj Thovold named Terran Fleet Admiral
TE 173 Tiamat colonized
TE 175 Maj Thovold appointed Supreme Admiral
TE 175 Supreme Admiral Toris Gund retires
TE 175 Rangi colonized
TE 179 Maj Thovold retires from Imperial Navy, enters Imperial Council
TE 182 Total colonized planets: 1285
TE 184 Maj Thovold elected Secreatry-General
TE 184 Teutates colonized
TE 185 Tsung-Dao Wu appointed to Imperial Council
TE 187 Maj Thovold gives Empire Day Speech
TE 187 -----MIDDLE EMPIRE PERIOD (TE 187-304)
TE 187 Maj Thovold crowned Emperor
TE 187 -----Pax Terranica (TE 187-304)
TE 189 Tsung-Dao Wu apprehended and deported to Tarantula
TE 190 Maj Thovold reorganizes civil service
TE 196 Itzamma colonized
TE 197 Engelbach Rebellion
TE 203 Kaa discovered; Kaa Cartel formed
TE 205 Illapa colonized
TE 208 Total colonized planets: 2195