First Terran Empire Timeline

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Year (TE) Event
First Terran Empire Founded
-----Formation Wars (TE 0 - 120)
TE 3 Wakmarrel settled
TE 6 Economic trough
TE 10 Imperial Navy headquarters established on Luna
TE 19 Odin colonized
TE 26 Total colonized planets: 133
TE 30 Lysa Tenny born
TE 33 Ermina colonized
TE 37 Provincial Capitals established
TE 40 Karphos founded
TE 48 Tep Kecor colonized
TE 52 Total colonized planets: 194
TE 53 Economic trough
TE 62 Odegaard joins the Empire
TE 64 Wakmarrel joins the Empire
TE 70 Ultrawave Relays activated
TE 78 Total colonized planets: 276
TE 79 Novy Stalingrad colony destroyed
TE 92 Terraforming of Luna begins
TE 92 Imperial Navy headquarters moved to Hafen
TE 94 Javal colonized
TE 100 K2 defense screen discovered
TE 104 Total colonized planets: 359
TE 105 Kastechia discovered
TE 108 Economic trough
TE 172 Economic trough
TE 118 Gotlan colonized
TE 118 Kien Khwei First contact
TE 120 First Terran Empire effectively controls all Human-settled planets of the Galaxy
TE 120 Tyra Kiernath discovered
TE 123 Act of Non-Exploitation passed
TE 130 Total colonized planets: 497
TE 150 Terraforming of Luna completed
TE 150 Valkyrie Series AIs introduced
TE 156 Total colonized planets: 635
TE 168 Brynhilde activated
TE 167 Tsung-Dao Wu born
TE 168 Cambolinee Destroyed
TE 182 Total colonized planets: 1285
TE 184 Maj Thovold elected Secreatry-General
TE 187 Maj Thovold gives Empire Day Speech
TE 187 -----MIDDLE EMPIRE PERIOD (TE 187-304)
TE 187 Maj Thovold crowned Emperor
TE 187 -----Pax Terranica (TE 187-304)
TE 197 Engelbach Rebellion
TE 203 Kaa discovered; Kaa Cartel formed
TE 208 Total colonized planets: 2195
TE 216 Several large finds of tachyon vesicles in Neordan Province
TE 219 Maj Thovold dies
TE 219 Tarantula Incident
TE 219 Tsung-Dao Wu crowned Emperor
TE 227 Economic trough
TE 231 Tsung-Dao Wu names Ami Kuchta as Heir
TE 233 Starcruiser Maria Theresa vanishes
TE 234 Total colonized planets: 3183
TE 235 Tsung-Dao Wu dies
TE 235 Ami Kuchta crowned Emperor
TE 242 Datu Kuchta crowned Emperor
TE 250 Cliodna colonized
TE 252 Kala Phenkae project begins
TE 254 Calisay Kuchta crowned Emperor
TE 260 Total colonized planets: 4275
TE 275 Economic trough
TE 275 Pilip Lütken crowned Emperor
TE 286 Total colonized planets: 5523
TE 286 Ellen Fodon crowned Emperor
TE 302 Joan Fodon refuses Throne
TE 302 Dirk Fodon crowned Emperor
TE 304 -----LATE EMPIRE PERIOD Phase 1 (TE 304-350)
TE 304 Patalanian Union secedes from Empire
TE 308 Battle of Nutun
TE 309 Borshallan Gravity Warp invented
TE 309 Hoister Family R-Tetrad born
TE 313 Total colonized planets: 7499. Imperial colonization peaks
TE 321 Alak Leonov crowned Emperor
TE 321 Sovereign Cyborganic Implants Act passed
TE 339 Total colonized planets: 8903
TE 340 Economic trough
TE 340 Patalanian War begins
TE 341 Jef Leonov crowned Emperor
TE 343 First Battle of Vetret
TE 343 Beta Putki Supernova
TE 344 Second Battle of Vetret
TE 347 Anna Leonov crowned Emperor
TE 348 Succession Act of TE 348
TE 350 Svarth Series AIs introduced
TE 350 -----LATE EMPIRE PERIOD Phase 2 (TE 350-425) aka High Days of the Empire
TE 354 BDA Tr#ska allies with Patalanian Union
TE 360 Lura Carroll crowned Emperor
TE 361 Hlutr declared sapient
TE 361 Battle of Karphos
TE 375 Virginia Carroll crowned Emperor
TE 381 The Sack of Terra
TE 382 Terran Council forms to direct rebuilding of Earth
TE 383 Battle of Laxus
TE 384 Yosef Löwenger crowned Emperor
TE 391 Succession Act of TE 391
TE 393 Yenise Löwenger crowned Emperor
TE 394 Treaty of Elendan declares Elendan semi-autonomous
TE 395 Odonia declared semi-autonomous
TE 397 Teleskany declared semi-autonomous
TE 397 Sedante declared semi-autonomous
TE 399 Economic trough
TE 401 Mery Tattersall crowned Emperor
TE 406 Succession Act of TE 406
TE 410 Succession Act of TE 410
TE 419 Carles Castiligoni crowned Emperor
TE 425 -----LATE EMPIRE PERIOD Phase 3 (TE 425-471)
TE 430 Marrc Jakobbsen crowned Emperor
TE 430 Hlekkarian Plague begins
TE 431 Succession Act of TE 431
TE 440 Hlekkarian Plague ends
TE 444 Succession Act of TE 444
TE 444 Jamez Carroll crowned Emperor
TE 446 Act of Provincial Sovereignty
TE 454 Economic trough
TE 459 Kythran Carroll crowned Emperor
TE 460 Council of Euphrates
TE 467 Jonn Kuchta crowned Emperor
TE 468 Odonia peacefully secedes from Empire
TE 469 Elendan peacefully secedes from Empire
TE 469 Marilag Kuchta crowned Emperor
TE 470 Kidlat Kuchta crowned Emperor
TE 471 Kidlat Kuchta abdicates; end of the Terran Empire
TE 471 Fall of the First Terran Empire