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Voëlle Acier Bestselling author of historical fiction; Pseudonym of Judai Kuchta
Babari Aparejo Resident of the Maris Institute
Erine Barbieri Star dancer with the Ramatiad Ballet
Leya Beobaku Poetry contest winner
Samantha Esther Bettsen Sociologist
Randal Cartier Champion videogame player from L% settlement
Lady Celosia Player in El Juego, famous metaspace adept
Asis Chakaipa Music reviewer for Rolling Stone
Brand Danjun Author of many popular books on urban legends
Gail Danube Actor; multiple Academy Award winner
Tzu Emwalt Singer, winner of 3 Grammies
Charles G. Fleming Historian; Author of Disuinted States
Mahari Ge'ez Hit singer c. 2030 CE
Dominik Gruszpka Lead Singer with the Unholy Three
Washington Westwood Hohokus Megastar entertainer, grandfather of Damien Nshogoza Hoister
Bek Jassen Champion videogame player from Ceres
Rij Kanaly
Guitarist with the Unholy Three
Resident of the Maris Institute c. 2040 CE
Hassan Kerekou Author of African Armageddon (2035)
Henri Emile Lavalliére Owner of Chateau Lavalliére boutique in Paris
Thea Markowicz Maris Institute Chair of Residents' Council in 2041
George Meade Resident of the Maris Institute
Phil Meade Resident of the Maris Institute
Gwiyato Nemera Historian; Author of Umoja: The Early Years
Robert Ng Resident of the Maris Institute
Bryanna Reiss Tempermental artist of cold-light animations
Video game designer
Resident of the Maris Institute
Lesl Rojas Composer c. TE 100
Mark Silver Keyboardist with the Unholy Three
Spike Speedwell Pseudonymous author of bestselling fantasy novels
Mitchell Wilder Sculptor, resident of the Maris Institute c. 2040 CE